Life & work learning at JDJ

Jim Jordan | 03 Jun 2019

After three years, Karisa Vargas leaves JDJ Architects to return to work in architecture in the Dominican Republic. She’s looking forward to having family close by, the beautiful weather and the more leisurely pace of life in the Caribbean.

CANstruction 2018

Jim Jordan | 02 Oct 2018

CANstruction 2018 for the benefit of the Greater Chicago Food Depository is now a wonderful memory for The Salt of the Earth team. But no event of this magnitude takes place without the contributions of many and we’d like to pause and give thanks.

Small changes, big impact for Class A building lobby renovation

Jim Jordan | 26 Jul 2018

A well-designed and maintained building lobby is critical to retaining and acquiring tenants. However, renovating a dark and austere lobby with budget and space constraints takes planning and design savvy.

Newest Chicago coworking space an inviting option for small law firms

Jim Jordan | 08 Jun 2018

Co-working spaces are evolving. Far from the narrow hallways, uninspiring colors and austere offices of the past, today’s spaces are vibrant, exciting and encourage collaboration with co-workers, colleagues, and clients.

​For Building Managers, Office Building Lobbies Become Marketable Assets

Jim Jordan | 12 Mar 2018

Activate your lobby. An office building lobby can be more than just a simple pass-through: it can become a functional space that enriches the tenant experience.

Co-working offices for small law firms feature modern, professional aesthetic, privacy

Jim Jordan | 01 Mar 2017

​There are more than 100,000 attorneys in the state of Illinois, and many may be setting up an office for the first time. Others may be downsizing from a larger firm. For them, a co-working space minimizes the risk of a costly office and staff, says Ron Bockstahler, CEO of Amata, which provides co-working offices and virtual offices for law offices and small businesses at six centrally-located and prestigious addresses in downtown Chicago.